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We’re preparing our students to take on the world.

Delaware is helping students better prepare for the challenges of a global, competitive world with higher academic standards and new standardized testing. Smarter assessments are now being implemented across all Delaware schools, with Smarter English Language Arts and Smarter Mathematics assessments replacing the previous assessments for grades 3 to 8. Aligned with the Common Core State Standards, Smarter assessments help parents and educators see how well students are mastering the new standards and whether they are on track to graduate high school ready for college and the workplace.

More than just new testing: A complete assessment system

Developed with participation by teachers from Delaware and around the country, the Smarter Assessment system provides tools and resources to support ongoing student learning:

  • A digital library of online resources for teachers
  • Optional interim assessments for gauging student progress and improving instruction throughout the year
  • End-of-year assessments for measuring how well students are prepared

Smarter Assessment: Real advantages for real-world learning

  • Replaces the traditional multiple choice format with more thoughtful questions
  • Challenges students to come up with their own answers and explain their thinking
  • Asks students to read more complex texts across all subjects and use the texts to answer questions, make inferences and write essays
  • Includes real-life performance tasks, such as solving multi-step mathematics problems
  • Offers robust accommodations for special needs, such as Braille and closed captioning
  • Conducted just once a year
  • Untimed, allowing students to take breaks and perform at their best


July 2016: Scores from Spring 2016 administration of assessment delivered to parents
Fall 2016: Scores released statewide